Biology, Business, and Philosophy Answerers Spotlight

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Hello Askers family,

We’re excited to introduce you to three more experts who are on board the Askers platform. You can learn more about our 3 distinguished experts below. They’re ready and waiting to answer your questions on evolutionary biology, small business entrepreneurship, and philosophy and moral reasoning. Thank you for all of your awesome questions to our experts; keep them coming! And we also hope that you continue to enjoy your listening experience on Askers.

As a reminder, there’s still time to win a signed copy of Professor Lawrence Krauss’ upcoming book. So make sure to check out last week’s blog post which tells you how to win!

Here are this week’s spotlighted answerers:

Jerry Coyne
Jerry Coyne pic

Who is Jerry? –

Jerry Coyne is a biology professor at the University of Chicago, and an acclaimed expert on evolutionary theory. He is known for his work on speciation and his commentary on intelligent design. He is also a prolific scientist and author, and has published many papers and books including Speciation, Why Evolution is True, and Faith Versus Fact. Professor Coyne is also an avid blogger, and you can visit his blog to read what he had about to say about Askers and about biology and cats: Professor Coyne’s Blog


What have people asked? –

– What are some of the biggest misconceptions about evolutionary theory?

– Humani Generis insists that an actual historic individual (called Adam) was the direct ancestor of all subsequent humans. Is there any way in which the evolutionary evidence may allow this to be true?

– Do evolutionary biologists use calculus to study change and if yes, in what way? Thank you!


Adam Toren
Adam Toren pic

Who is Adam? –

Adam knows business. As an entrepreneur and founder, investor, advisor, contributor to Entrepreneur magazine, and an author who has started and sold 11 companies, Adam is a wellspring of knowledge — especially as it relates to small businesses. Ask Adam any of your business-related questions.


What have people asked? –

– It’s impressive that you’ve had so many successful businesses. Can you tell me the top three factors to consider before you commit to a new business?

– For an internet startup company with a limited budget, what would be the most important thing to consider when doing marketing?

– It’s amazing that you’ve sold 11 companies. But if the purpose of building a company is ultimately to sell it, doesn’t that make you less focused on working towards the business’ long term goals?


Peter Boghossian
peter boghossian pic

Who is Peter? –

Peter is a philosophy expert, researcher, and professor. His main focus is bringing the tools of professional philosophers to people in a wide variety of contexts. His published works include his book A Manual for Creating Atheists. Ask Peter anything on reason, rationality, and critical thinking.

What have people asked? –

– What’s one quick, unorthodox tip that can improve my critical thinking?

– Is a tiny part of you glad that Political Correctness took a hit with Donald Trump?

– Should someone’s intentions affect the moral permissibility of their actions?

– What’s your favorite part of teaching?


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– The Askers Team.

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