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I love the 'listen for free' feature! Who controls the free listening time? Do askers and answerers receive payments during the free listening period?

Currently, the Askers platform is in control of free listening time. As a way to promote to our audience, new Q&A exchanges are usually listed for free in the first few days after they come out. Currently neither askers nor answerers receive payments during the free listening period. However we believe free listening will help us grow the audience and provide better experiences, and that every user will be better off in the long run. In addition, there is the obvious benefit that every user, including askers and answerers, have the chance to listen to answers for free. 

Do you charge 33 cents for listening each answer regardless who the answerer is?

Yes. We charge 33 cents per listening for all questions.

How do you charge me for Listening Credit? Is the charge non-refundable?

We charge you through the In-app Purchase following the rules of App Store and Google Play.

Yes, the charge is non-refundable.

I have 1 or 2 cents left in my balance, what can I do with it? Why can’t you set the Credit value multiples of 33 cents so we can spend all of it for each purchase?

We apologize for the inconvenience. We prices our Credit price tiers following the pricing rules of Apple. It may not be the exact multiples of 33 cents. You can always use the remaining with the next Credit you buy.



Do you charge me immediately after I submit my questions?

No. When you submit your question, we only need your card information to ensure your credit card account is in good standing with sufficient funds to complete the purchase. We will not charge you the amount until your question is answered by the answerer.

Can I withdraw my question after submitting it?

No, however your question will be withdrawn automatically in 48 hours if not answered.

How do I know if my questions are answered?

You can find the status for all your questions at My -> Questions asked by me. By default, we will send you a notification whenever your question is answered.

I saw my questions “expired”, what happened?

If the answerer does not respond to your question within 48 hours after you submitted your question, your question will be expired and removed from answerer’s viewing list. You can ask the same question again, but it is likely that the answerer may have seen your question and opt not to answer it.

How much do I receive when a new listener pays for listening to the answer to my questions?

You receive 10 cents for each new paying listener. You do not receive payments during the free listening period, but with the increased exposure you will be better off in the long run. Free listening also allows you to have the chance to listen to other answers for free. 



Why do I have to set my answering price either free or above 50 cents?

Because we factor in the transaction fee to ensure that you receive a positive amount if you charge. Please see the payment and transaction fees sessions for details. Remember to count in these fees when you set prices and receive payments.

How much do you charge as a service fee?

We charge 10% of your answering price as a service fee. This means if your answering price is 10 dollars. We will charge 1 dollar and you will receive 9 dollars (minus transaction fees) for each answer.

Where do I see all the questions others asked me?

You can view it at My -> Questions waiting for me. By default, we will send you a notification whenever someone asks you a question.

Do I have to answer all questions submitted to me?

[expand title="No. You pick which questions to answer. If a question is not answered by you within 48 hours since its submission, it will be removed from your viewing list.

How much do I receive for each new listener for my question?

You receive 10 cents for each new paying listener for your question.



What types of accounts get verified?

Generally speaking, an account may be verified if the account holder is considered of significant value or interest to public. Holders of verified accounts include experts, leaders, public figures, celebrities across all professions or fields.

How do I know if someone is verified?

You will see a letter “V” beside his name.

How do I request verification?

If you have a verified account in Facebook or Twitter, then you will be automatically verified when you login using that account. If you do not have verified accounts in Facebook or Twitter, please go to Me -> settings -> Verification page and follow the instructions there. We will then review all your information. We will contact you if we decide to proceed with the verification.


Transaction fees

What is transaction fee?

Transaction fee is the cost incurred during PayPal transfer and In-App purchase. The transaction fee for PayPal transfer is $.25 per transaction. App Store or Google Play takes 30% of the purchase price as their processing fee for each In-app purchase.

Who pays for transaction fees?

The payees pay for transaction fees. Specifically, the answerer pays for the 30% processing fee when charging the asker for an answer. For the 33 cents listening fee, this means App Store or Google Play charges 10 cents processing fee. The asker and answerer each receives 10 cents. We take the remaining 3 cents. Both answerer and asker pay for the bank transfer fee when receiving payouts.


Payouts and Tax

How do I receive payouts?

You can withdraw your earnings at any time, provided that your earnings are above $20 USD. You also have the option to convert your earnings to credit.

Should I expect to receive tax forms from The Askers?

The Askers is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to file a Form 1099-K for US customers that earn over $20,000 and have 200+ transactions in the calendar year. If you cross both thresholds in a calendar year, The Askers will provide you with a Form 1099-K.

Do I need to provide taxpayer information?

US tax laws require you to submit taxpayer information if you process more than 200 orders in a calendar year and make more than $20,000 in gross sales across all your events. To submit taxpayer information, go to Me -> My taxpayer information. You only need to enter this information once. We’ll notify you to submit the taxpayer information once your total earnings surpass $5000 dollars.

When and How do I receive my tax form?

Typically you receive the 1099-K in January. We will send you an email when your form is ready. We will mail a copy to the address you provided along with your taxpayer information.

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