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Happy Friday! This week we’re doing things a little bit differently. We’re letting you know about some of the interesting questions that have already been asked and answered on our platform.

Before we get into it, we’d like to remind you that there’s still time to win a signed copy of Professor Lawrence Krauss’ upcoming book. Check out this blog post explaining how to win!

Here are this week’s spotlighted questions:

P. Hess (@idea2go) asked Caltech theoretical physicist Sean Carroll (@SeanCarroll6107) – How can some dimensions be so small we can’t detect? If we exist inside the universe won’t all dimensions seem large to us? I am much smaller, not larger, than our universe.

A. Alzailai (@AAMMZZ) asked radiologist Dr. Beverly Thornhill (@BeverlyThornhill6811) – How bad are bananas as a source of radiation, especially for people working with tons of them (loading & shipping)?

A. Nguyen (@AndrewNguyen1530) asked dating coach Mario (@Mariothe”GetGameGuy”)  – When I’m at a bar by myself, what’s the best way to approach a girl if she is with a group of her girlfriends?

J. Mccoy (@JacobMccoy3501) asked author, adventurer, and Everest Summiteer Brian Dickinson (@BrianCDickinson) – In your experience, what is the toughest mental challenge people face when climbing Everest?

P. Hess (@idea2go) asked physicist and author Lawrence Krauss (@LawrenceKrauss3517) – Do you imagine life on Trappist1 could have evolved to take energy from the huge temp difference between hot and cold sides of the planet instead of for instance photosynthesis like here?

B. Marsh (@ByronMarsh8538) asked award-winning composer, conductor, and pianist Yiwen Shen (@YiwenShen) – In your opinion, who is greater: Beethoven or Mozart?

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– The Askers Team.

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